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BlobBot - Makerfight 2019

I created this video for "Le Petit Fab Lab de Paris". A group of people decided to participate at the makerfight 2019 in Mulhouse.

For this event they decided to make a robot that share peace and love... a robot that will not fight.
BlobBot is an idea which come from a blobfish. BlobBot comes from the depths of the abyss. He knew the ecological problems that drove him to flee...
But once out of the abyss, he still will collide at the other level with the humans.

The robot doesn't fight. But the robot can speak... And sing ! To express his feelings. For this occasion I gave him my voice.

An album was created to tell the story of blobBot. we start from its exit of the waters until the fight.
you can download the 16 tracks of this album for free(VO).

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Insta : @blobbot_officiel